A new era started for the United States and for the world, my grandmother Thelma Brandi said when she called me last night.

         Brandi is 83 years old and a professor of Filosophy in Argentina who gets 3 different newspapers from the world delivered to her home every week.

          I was eager to talk to her because I knew she would have something interesting to say in such a historic day for the U.S.

         “Imagine what a great day is for those who were tortured, discriminated and wrongly judged,” she said sofspoken and concerned.

          Barack Obama is now the 44 president in the history of the North American country who pledge to the job in Washington D.C. in front of thousands of persons cheering with emotion, excitement and hope, I told her in response.

                “Today is the vindication of the needy and beaten in a nation where racism is still present,” she said after a long pause.

        The message of Obama’s campaign revolved continuously around the theme of unity. In many occasions, he said to overcome racial divisions, ideological and religious lines. 

          ” He will need to balance responsabilities and deal with opposition despite their differences,” Brandi said.

           The president of the U. S. not only must have courage and talent, but will have to fight with the military corporation, with the financial system that is still intact, with the tax structure and with a world that fears the shadow of the resent Republican Party.


One thought on “Witness of change

  1. I went through the same thing and have a few lapses now and then.
    I hate the way I get obsessed with other people’s lives (pics, info, pet and even game and survey results). Especially, the ones I’m interested in and when someone deletes me or refuses to add me, I often took it personally. I mean it’s just an online thing, it’s not even real. The worst thing is that you can’t delete your account you can only deactivate it.

    I want to stop but sometimes curiousity kills the brain.

    Thanks for your entry.

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