Two posts in and I took a two week hiatus. I am not proud of myself, but I can honestly say the lack of posts is not from avoidance. The past weeks have been a little hard for me, and I placed one rule on myself when I started this blog. No negative posts or rants.

I’ve discovered a few aspects about myself in the past few days.

1- My mood is extremely affected by this transition path I’m going through. I’ve been out of work for two months, and I’m struggling to keep my spirits up. It’s been difficult to write, but this is exactly why I started my blog. A great escape from my own thoughts, which have challenged me to push for more for myself.

2- Baking is my new stress reliever. I’ve made biscotti, peanut butter cookies and  strawberry shortcakes, which I will post soon. They were delicious and will be trying to make croissants next. I just hope I’m not being too ambitious with that one.

I enjoy learning new things about myself, or at least becoming aware of them.


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