Wednesday started as a typical day, getting up and turning on my computer to check emails, and waiting for breakfast to be ready were part of an ordinary morning. However, as the day progressed my sister called me on Skype and asked if I had checked the mail today, but changed the subject immediately so I didn’t make much of it.

An hour later, I went downstairs to check the mail and found many colored envelopes from my sister who lives in France. The look on my face must have been priceless and I couldn’t wait to open them. I came in the apartment and the first thing I did was count them because I suspected they were a birthday surprise. And I was right, there were 27 envelopes!


I started taking pictures with my phone and noticed that each one had a number. So, I looked for the first one and got a little emotional as I read my sister’s words and the way she remembers the day I was born.

It didn’t take me long to open them probably from the excitement. Each one had a thoughtful birthday card inside. They all had something beautiful, funny, and some were a ticket to another time. I laughed a lot, and—I don’t mind telling you this—I cried too.

This is one of the most amazing presents I have ever received. Ever.

p.s. I’m incredibly lucky to have you in my life, I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you in 24 days.


2 thoughts on “The day I got 27 letters in the mail

  1. I can not believe I am part of this blog! what an honor!
    I can only say that it has been a pleasure to be part of your life for the last 27 years!

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