I’m what you’d call a nostalgic. I love reminiscing with friends or my mom, and recalling special stories from my childhood. So much of who I am today is based on those little moments, preserved in memories. Sometimes when I’m not feeling great, I try to think about those memories or simple things that make me smile on an everyday basis. It’s a fun exercise and a good reminder to enjoy the little things in life. So I narrowed it down to my top list of joyful moments.

When I smell my mom’s home cooked meals before I walk in the house.

When I hear my dad’s funny voice messages (repeating my name more than 5 times, sometimes more.)

When my grandma mispronounces technological devices.

When I see my nephews and nieces smile at me at the airport.

When I’m sleeping and laughing so loud I wake myself up in the middle of the night.

When I go for a walk and breathe in the scent of jasmine.

When I talk to my best friends and we laugh just like when we were 13.

When I hear the Argentinean national anthem and I get goosebumps.

When I find money in my pocket.

When I turn the car on and my favorite song is playing on the radio.

When I hear someone singing and totally making up the lyrics of a song.





2 thoughts on “Enjoy the little things

  1. muy bueno Witi!
    Te cuento algo que te va a dar risa
    Hoy venia el plomero a casa a arreglar el calefon y Mathieu me mando un mensaje diciendo “el plumero llega a las 2pm” jajajajjajaja

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